In Griffen’s artistic practice, one finds a compelling exploration of the intricate tapestry of the human experience. His oeuvre is a testament to acute observations, manifested through a dance of heavy, yet beautifully inconsistent line work, as well as the interplay of sculpture and the unconventional use of watercolor.

Within this visual style, Griffen crafts a unique form of abstract portraiture, rendering both individuals and inanimate subjects. It is through this lens that he unveils the panorama of society, exposing the spectrum that ranges from our shared foibles and anxieties to the untarnished beauty and allure that defines us.

At the heart of Griffen’s work lies a profound commentary on the challenges that confront us on both personal and collective fronts. In his project , ‘Studio Notes’ he showcases works from his Brooklyn studio over a 6 year period from 2017 to 2023. The work evolves into a mirror that reflects our shared journey through the trials and triumphs of existence in modern New York City.


KEN GRIFFEN / New York. In 2006 he was awarded a University Scholarship for Visual Arts. He went on to graduate with excellence from AUT (art + Design) in 2009. Since his graduation, Griffen has artist-in-residence programmes in Berlin, LA, Bangkok and has held several international solo exhibitions.

Studio Notes - 2017 2023. Brooklyn, New York (Publication)

Jeonnam International SUMUK Biennale International Residency, South Korea


Artist in Residence, 15th International Art Festival and Art Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand
Poh Chang Academy of Arts RMUTR, Thailand (group)
Artist in Residence, RMUTT, Thanyaburi Thailand
Rajamangala University, Thanyaburi Thailand (group)
5he1l, October 2nd, Artist+Curator (Group)
SCAM, November 12th, @5he1l, Auckland (Solo)


The Therapist's Office, Gallery 1969, Lower East Side, New York (group)
Four Eyes Twelve Months, ROSSA, Brooklyn, New York (solo)
Art Book Fair, PS1, Queens New York (Zine) sold at Tate modern + Moma stores
TXTreader Volume 1 - Txt Books, Queens (group)


Grey Area, Parlour Projects, Hastings, NZ (Solo)


Runaway, Precinct 35, Wellington, NZ (Solo)
Ceremony, Auckland NZ (Group)


Subconscious, The Zone, Berlin, Germany (Solo)
The Worst Generation, Gilberd Marriott gallery, Wellington, NZ (Group)
Face Value, All Press Gallery, Auckland, NZ
Ken Griffen
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